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Black Friday Promotion

Discount Code: BlackFriday

Offer Available until 30th November 2018

"Share the Passion"

If you MAKE, SELL or SERVE Black Pudding, you can promote your product or service direct to the BlackPudding.Club Network of members, subscribers and social media followers.

Active Users 6 months to November 2018
BlackPudding.Club Active Users Last 6 months (per Google Analytics)
  • 349 Followers + 41 Club Members
  • 3.8k Average Monthly Viewers
  • Over 120 Club Members

Benefits of a Premium Plus Listing

Premium Plus Annual Listings start from £120 (pre-discounts)

Premium Plus III Listing £60 | Premium Plus V Listing £80 | Premium Plus X Listing £100

(price PER ANNUM as part of this promotion)
  • FEATURED Full Page Listing in the Directory (offering a greater opportunity to let potential customers learn more about your business)
  • Links to your Website and Social Media Accounts
  • Up to 15 Images of your choice to showcase your product / service
  • Customer Reviews & Contact Form to interact with your Customers
  • Opportunity to list all your latest promotions
  • Sell your products via the BlackPudding.Club Shop (links to your own store - no commission or fees payable for referrals)
  • Banner ad placement on the Club Network sites
  • Feature article on your business included on the site and promoted across social media
  • Included in targeted promotion (of BlackPudding.Club) on social media via paid ads - commencing in 2019
  • Include your latest news and product updates in the Club Newsletter - commencing 2019

Use Code: BLACKFRIDAY to receive 33% Discount

Offer available until 30th November 2018

* Note: There are over 300 listings currently included in the Directory. Please check to see if your business is included – you can claim your listing rather than creating a new one.